The channels 1-5 shown directly below the loader scale’s screen are used for various attachments. In this example we’re only using one attachment in channel one. In this example the wheel loader scale is using the manual bucket add. Please refer to the Calibration process for how to change to auto bucket add.

Basic Scale Operation

Simply go into the pile, fill the bucket and lift. The loader scale will automatically begin weighing the load and display weight on screen. If you wish for the weight to be added to the truck total, simply press the “CLR” button or the Remote Enter Button located next to the hydraulic lever to add that weight. Loading a new bucket of material will display the weight once again, press the “CLR” or Remote Enter Button to add to the truck and you’ll notice the total increasing by that amount.

Clearing a Channel

To clear a channel, please note that you do not use the “ZERO” key. This is a common mistake made when operating the system. Instead, press and hold the Remote Enter Button to clear the channel back to read 0.

Totals Channel

Using the middle button, move the highlighted channel over to the “TOTAL” channel to display the total amount weighed. The same procedure of clearing the total is used as before, press and hold the Remote Enter Button.

Zeroing the Bucket

Zeroing the bucket refers to zeroing or canceling out any extra weight that may be stuck in the bucket. Press and hold the “ZERO” button and when the display is flashing, make sure the bucket is empty and perform a normal lift. If any extra weight is in the bucket, it will display briefly before being zeroed out.


The “PRINT” button is used as expected. If a printer is connect to the scale system, you would use this button to print a receipt of each load as needed.