Agricultural Products

Loup 8000i Yield Monitor

8000i Yield Monitor

Universal yield monitor for any make or model combine. Calculate yield, moisture and create GPS field maps.

Loup II Drill Monitor air seeders blockage monitor

Loup II Drill Monitor

Direct readout for Seeds/Acre, Seeds/Foot. 95% Accurate in Soybeans. Menu driven for easy operation.

Loup III Drill monitor and Yield monitor

Loup III Monitor

View up to 8 functions simultaneously. True population up to 48 rows. 95% accurate in soybeans.

Loup Moisture Monitor 100

Moisture Monitor

Our exclusive FG Moisture Monitor displays the moisture content of the crops you harvest.

Shaft Monitors

A universal monitor that can be used on any piece of field equipment with any shaft or wheel diameter.

GPS/Sky Speed

Connects any GPS Receiver to any Radar compatible device.


Loup Electronics population control system for drills.

Acre Counter agricultural electronics

Acre Counters

A universal Acre Counter that can be used on any piece of field equipment with any shaft or wheel diameter.

SAM 100

SAM 100

Collect cost analysis data relevant to both farmers and contractors.

Shaft Speed 6

Shaft Speed 6

Monitor various shafts on many different pieces of moving shaft machinery.

Implement Scales

Basic scale for compact spaces – ideal for grain carts, seeders and in-cab applications.

Drill Monitor Population Monitor Blockage Monitor

Drill Monitor

True population reading for up to 24 counting sensors. Scan feature for individual row population spacing.

Loup Row Check

Row Check Monitor

With sensors on each row, Row Check lets you know that all clutches are working properly and turning off when prompted. Easy to install and no planter modifications needed on most models.