loup elite drill monitor
Loup Elite Drill Monitor


The New Loup Elite Drill Monitor provides accurate Seeds/Acre population for any drill, Air Seeder or Planter. Log field maps to SD Memory, view section averages, control active sections and more through easy-to-use Touchscreen display.

Display Features

  • Easy to use Touch Screen operation
  • True population for up to 32 Rows.
  • Display Independent section averages
  • Set your target population rate
  • Log Field Maps to SD Card
  • Load ISOXML data into any Mapping Software
  • Learn up to 3 implements including planters.
  • Optical blockage for up to 192 Rows.
  • Over 95% Accurate in Soybeans.
  • Dispays up to 6 shaft RPM’s.
  • Bargraph display for up to 6 hopper levels.
  • Fan Speed
  • Direct readout for Seeds/Acre, Seeds/Foot,
  • View & change up to 4 display options on one screen.

Loup Elite Screen Functions

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