Universal acre counter for all types of field equipment


  • A universal Acre Counter that can be used on any piece of field equipment with any shaft or wheel diameter.
  • Simple to use. Acres are counted as soon as the equipment moves and one touch of a button lets you view the acre totals.
  • Secure for tracking usage of rental equipment. Password protection is available for all settings including total acres.
  • An economical way to calculate and measure field and total acres.
  • Compact with outside dimensions of only 3.1″ x 4.2″ x 1.5″.
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • Battery operated so there is no need for a power cable. Under normal operating conditions, the batteries (three AA required) should last about three years. If the batteries fail, all settings will remain in the non-volatile memory of the acre counter and will be restored when the batteries are replaced.

Installation and Operation:

The installation of the Acre Counter is as simple as mounting one magnet on a ground-driven shaft and one sensor to measure shaft turns. Several options of magnet and sensor are available to fit your equipment.

When the Acre Counter is first installed, the display will be blank even though the signals from the shaft sensor are being measured. To activate the display, press the FUNC (function) button. The Acre Counter will then display the current function and the corresponding total. Pressing the FUNC button again allows the next function to be displayed. Words on the display make it easy to see which function is being displayed.

The Acre Counter will calculate and display the Field Acres and Total Acres based on the Pulses per Mile setting (the number of shaft rotations for one mile) and the Implement Width setting. These two factors need to be set to match the equipment being used with the Acre Counter and reset only if a different implement is used.