Industrial Products

Weighlog Vue

The Loup Weighlog Vue is one of the most advanced Wheel Loader Scales available using the latest sensor technology to provide the most accurate and consistent weight readings. With a built-in video input the Weighlog Vue removes the need for an additional screen for reverse camera, freeing valuable cab space.

Weighlog 3030

The latest in color touchscreen technology for a system that stores up to 30 Customers, 30 Products and more.

LoadLog 8000i

Dual Pressure Sensors to assure highest degree of accuracy. Ensures that Trucks are Loaded correctly the first time.

Loadlog 800i dynamic on-board weighing scale system

LoadLog 800i

New generation on-board weighing system. User-friendly display, static or dynamic weighing modes and batch weighing facility.

Weighlog 200 Scale System

WeighLog 200

Automatic compensation for variable speeds of lift giving even greater load flexibility.

Weighlog 100 skid steer scales

WeighLog 100

Provides a low cost solution for various Industrial and Agricultural needs.

Speed and Distance 200

Speed & Distance 200

The Speed & Distance 200 is a cost-effective and user-friendly speed and distance measuring instrument.

Lift Alert weighing and load monitoring system


Weighing and load monitoring system designed for increased safty of forklifts and loaders.

LiftLog 100

LiftLog 100

A cost-effective weighing and load monitoring system designed to increase the safty of forklifts and loaders.