This installation is being shown on a John Deere 9450 combine.

Yield Sensor Installation

First the position of the yield sensors is marked on the clean grain elevator. Each combine make/model has a specific measurement from the back side of the elevator. A supplemental guide will be included with each kit that applies to the combine it is being installed on. Use a step bit drill to drill the hole to the appropriate size. Once the hole has been drilled, simple mount the sensor using either the standard hardware or the optional magnetic mounts supplied in your kit. Route all cables by following the main hydraulic hoses towards the front of the machine.

Moisture Sensor Installation

The moisture sensor is installed on the back side of the clean out door, at approximately a 45 degree angle. Remove the door and mark the center and use a 3 1/4’’ hole saw to drill the hole needed for the moisture sensor. Two bolt holes are also drilled and all hardware is supplied to mount the sensor. Again route the moisture sensor wire towards the junction box at the front of the machine by following any main existing cabling of the combine.

Elevator Plates

This particular combine, as well as others require plates be installed on the elevator paddles. These can either be welded to the paddles or a bolt on variety is also available. These plates are needed due to the curvature of the elevator paddles. The weld/bolt on plates help the sensor differentiate each individual paddle while in operation and calculate accurate yield.

Junction Box Wiring

Locate the mini Loup screwdriver included in your kit for wiring the various pins in the junction box. Follow the supplied wiring diagram for the pin/wire location.

GPS Receiver

The GPS is mounted on the top of the cab. Using double back tape and galvanized 4×4’’ electrical box cover and sticking the GPS to the top of that cover.

Power and Head Unit Mounting

In this example power is obtained through the center console by going directly to the switch. A 2 conductor cable that goes from the switch to the junction box. The head unit in this case is mounted on the right post of the cab. This is the most common location for the system to be mounted, though any location of your preference is acceptable. A RAM mount is included that can be used to secure the head unit. Cable is routed down the right hand side and out of the cab to the junction box.

If you have any questions about the installation of a Loup 8000i Yield Monitor, please email at or call toll-free at 1-877-489-5687.