Loup Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of Weigh Log 3030 to the Loup Electronics Scale product line.

The Loup WL3030 is a touch screen device that can be configured for one (1) to four (4) hydraulic pressure sensor and will also have an input for a new strain gauge input for use on telehandlers.

The Loup WL3030 will have some data storage capabilities, 30 customers and 30 products, will be able to use an optional printer and will employ the latest Advanced Weighing Software for greatest accuracy. Please see the preliminary literature or click here for additional details.

We expect that WL3030 will find market acceptance on all types of Loaders, from the Skid Steer to Large Wheel Loaders. We look forward to having Weigh Log 3030 available for shipment within the next two weeks.

Please email or call us at 1-877-489-5687 if you have any further questions.