Loup Electronics offers two two options Yield Monitoring, % Moisture and gathering Field Mapping data. Both systems are universally compatible with any make or model combine as well as be used in any crop.

Loup Yield Monitors Outback Rebel

ISOBUS Yield Monitor

The ISOBUS Yield Monitor is compatible with both the Outback MAX and new Outback Rebel displays. You can also use this system with the Deere 4640, 2630, 2600 and Case Pro 700 displays. Data is logged to ISOXML format for import into the mapping environment of your choice. Features such as automatic section control are also available through the ISOBUS Yield Monitor.

  • Color Touchscreen Available in 7’’ and 10’’ displays.
  • Compatible with any Make or Model combine
  • Optical Yield technology offers accurate results and easy Calibration
  • Instant readout for Bushels/Acre, Moisture, Total Bushels and more
  • On-screen color field mapping
  • Automatic Section Control
  • Accurate moisture sensing under any crop or condition
  • Store mapping data to standard ISO-XML format and load into the mapping software of your choice
  • Over the air software updates help farmers always stay current
  • Automated headland turns, path planning and control software

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Loup 8000i Yield Monitor with Climate Fieldview

Loup 8000i Yield Monitor

The Loup 8000i Yield Monitor is our stand along yield system. Accurate yield, moisture and field maps can be obtained through this system and used on any combine. The monitor can be used as simply as providing in-cab yield and total bushels only or you can expand upon it to monitor crop moisture and log yield maps to the built in SD card. Mapping data can be imported into a number of different programs including Farm Works and Climate Fieldview.

  • Yield (Bushels per Acre)
  • Grain Moisture Content (% Moisture)
  • Ground Speed (MPH)
  • Field and Total Bushels
  • Wet or Dry Bushels
  • Area (Field and Total Acres)
  • Bushels per Hour
  • Instantaneous or Average Readings
  • Header Up/Down Indication
  • Time of Day
  • Visual Indication and Adjustment for Cut/Header Width
  • Easy to Read Backlit LCD
  • Built in SD Drive for Data Logging
  • Non-Contact Field Proven Yield Sensor

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