Data Logging

LoadLog 8000i

A universal wheel loader system with optional printing and telemetry add-ons. The Loup Electronics Load Log 8000i uses 2 hydraulic pressure sensors, one in the pressure and one in the return for a calculation of differential pressure. A reference and direction sensors “tells” the scale the direction of travel and Position of the lift Arms and also calculates the Speed of the lift.

  • Ensures that Trucks are Loaded correctly the first time.
  • Eliminates return trips Truck Scale for under loaded or overloaded Trucks.
  • Weighing is “while you lift”, no stopping the bucket
  • Provides Load Records that can be Printed.
  • Provides Management Records that can be printed or Data Logged.
  • Dual Pressure Sensors to assure highest degree of accuracy.
  • Uses differential pressure to determine Weight in Bucket.
  • Internal Memory for up to 1000 customers or products.
  • Optional In-Cab Printer
  • Built-in SD Card slot for easy data collection.
  • Optional Wireless communications, loader to office via Load 200 Software.

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