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  • Will connect any GPS Receiver to any Radar compatible device
  • Converts NMEA Message to a Radar Signal
  • Communicates at 4800 Baud
  • Can use 1-5 Hz updates from receiver

Typical Connection

Operation and Technical Specifications

Power Requirements: The SKY SPEED requires 12 volts DC to operate.  This power can be supplied by the Radar connector on the monitor. (See Fig.1 below.)

Baud Rate: The GPS Receiver NMEA messages must be sent to SKY SPEED at 4800 Baud.

NMEA Messages: The SKY SPEED requires NMEA message “VTG” to operate.  To activate this message, consult your GPS Receiver Manual.

Update Speed: The SKY SPEED can use 1-5Hz updates from the GPS Receiver.  It is highly recommended that the GPS Receiver be set to 5Hz for all control system applications.

Serial Cable: A standard serial cable can be used to connect SKY SPEED to the GPS Receiver output.
(See Fig. 2 below.)

Applications Guide

Manufacturer Model
Loup Electronics Inc. Drill Monitor, LPM II, Delta 34, Apollo
John Deere CT 200, CT 250, CT 300
CNH Early Riser, Planter Performance Center
Kinze KPM II, KM 3000
A.T.I./Monosem MPM II
Dickey-john PM 3000, Land Manager, SC1000, CCS100
Vanguard VM2500, VM2500SE
Great Plains Planter Monitor
Raven 440, 450, (adapter cable required)



GPS Receivers

These GPS Receivers are well suited for such applications as Ground Speed input or Yield Mapping.

Garmin 16 GPS Receiver