Two-Way Remote Communication with a Central Computer for Wireless Transfer of Load Reports.

With ISOSYNC Data Management software, you can wirelessly link a Weighlog Vue or Weighlog Ex scale system to your central computer. With this you can manage your loadout, inventory, productivity, traceability and other factors of your operation.

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Load information can be created from ISOSYNC software and wirelessly sent to a Vue or Ex scale system. Load information can consist of a wide array of details including Product type, Customer name, truck number, Required Weight, Destination and much more. When the loader operator completes a job by pressing the “Clear” button the load information for that job is automatically sent back to the central computer and stored within ISOSYNC.

3G Connectivity

For operators in more remote areas outside standard WiFi range you can gain access to your loaders from anywhere in the United States by connecting to a carriers 3G Data Network. Use of this service requires a mobile data plan and SIM card setup with a Static IP address. Please contact Loup Electronics or request a quote to learn more about this.

Software Features

  • Fast Data Transfer Speeds allow Operators to load more trucks per shift
  • Communication via USB, or TCP/IP
  • Wireless communication by WiFi or Mobile 3G data connection
  • Allow clear and concise load instructions sent to the Loader Operator, minimizing error
  • Monitor Over and Under Loading
  • Overall improved operation efficiency through productivity management
  • Provides instant records of Load Data for invoicing or stock control
  • Identify Operation bottlenecks by monitoring entry and exit times
  • Measure tons per hour performance
  • Automatic ticket printing from central computer