Seeds Per Acre

Loup III Drill monitor and Yield monitor

Loup III Monitor

The Loup III Planter and Drill Monitor is a dual function system capable of being used on any drill or planter. Independent configurations allow settings to be stored for each implement, making changing implements quick and easy.

  • Monitor up to 48 rows of population, up to 192 runs of blockage
  • Bar graphs for each row (Planter Configuration)
  • High and low population alarms
  • Simplified 3 wire harness
  • Readouts for Average and Individual Population, Row Spacing, Target Population and much more.

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Loup II Drill Monitor air seeders blockage monitor

Loup II Drill Monitor

Universal population monitor and blockage monitor for any drill or air seeder. Displays up to 3 different functions at once with the ability to easily change each function on the fly.

  • True population reading for up to 32 rows
  • Up to 112 rows of optical blockage
  • Display up to 3 shaft RPM's
  • Bar graph display for up to 3 hopper levels
  • Weight information with JP43 Communication Link
  • Direct readout for Seeds/Acre, Seeds/Foot

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