ISOBUS Yield Monitor for Outback REBEL

The all new Outback REBEL display brings an easy all-in-one auto-steering solution to farmers looking for a more efficient, profitable and data-driven spring planting season. Extend that versatility further in Harvest through the use of Loup’s ISOBUS Yield Monitor.

REBEL™ is a simple, hands-free autosteering system that represents the first step to make autosteering accessible to every farm and every farmer. REBEL™ includes everything a farmer needs in one package to bring the latest innovations in autosteering to the equipment they already own. On average the Outback Rebel gives payback in the first season with an average of $15/acre savings.


ISOBUS Yield Features

  • Color Touchscreen Available in 7’’ and 10’’ displays.
  • Compatible with any Make or Model combine
  • Optical Yield technology offers accurate results and easy Calibration
  • Instant readout for Bushels/Acre, Moisture, Total Bushels and more
  • On-screen color field mapping
  • Automatic Section Control
  • Accurate moisture sensing under any crop or condition
  • Store mapping data to standard ISO-XML format and load into the mapping software of your choice
  • Over the air software updates help farmers always stay current
  • Automated headland turns, path planning and control software

All-in-one Guidance & Autosteering

The Outback REBEL™ comes fully-loaded with everything you need for the farming you do.

  • No hidden fees or extra unlocks for critical software
  • Easy setup for your equipment
  • Always connected with built-in WiFi
  • Always current with wireless updates of your software
  • Simple-to-use with short-cut keys, LED power button, pinch-to-zoom

Autosteer Anywhere

REBEL™ intelligent autosteering lets you focus on farming, not steering.

  • Auto-Engage for easier end-of-row turns
  • Adapt to any terrain with all path types included
  • Return to till, spray, plant or harvest with every path stored
  • Easy calibration for optimal precision with pre-loaded profiles, and automated fine-tuning

Control Anything

  • Keep an eye on everything or let REBEL™ take control of rates and implement sections.
  • See your implements in action with ISOBUS and Camera windows integrated in the REBEL™ display
  • Control application rates automatically with optional ISOBUS Task and Multi-Product control available for modern ISOBUS implements
  • Older implement? Optional AC110 module provides application rate and implement section control for a range of legacy implements

Compatible with Multiple ISOBUS VT’s

Use Loup ISOBUS Yield on a variety of other terminals. Learn more here.

Loup ISO BUS Yield Monitor