Loup Row Check

Row Check Monitor

Spending money on planter row shutoff clutches is a common trend these days. These systems can save you money and time when working properly. Loup Row Check makes sure you will get the return on your investment. With a sensor monitoring each row, Row Check will let you know that all clutches are working properly and turning off when prompted. A typical planter monitor can not catch a bad clutch in time to warn you of a problem. You will only see the problem when the crop comes up. These problems include (clutches hooked up backwards, bad electrical connection (electric clutches), or low air pressure (air clutches). With this low cost add on, you will know that the clutches are doing what your controller is telling them to do.

Display Features

  • LED lights indicate that row clutch is working
  • Small compact display for easy placement
  • Easy to install
  • Requires no planter modifications on most models
  • Instant response time