Drill Monitor Population Monitor Blockage Monitor

Drill Monitor

Accurate populations – Accurate acres

  • True population reading for up to 24 counting sensors.
  • Scan feature for individual row population spacing.
  • Direct readout of average population or spacing.
  • Direct readout of maximum or minimum population.
  • Direct readout of seeds per foot.
  • Direct readout of seed spacing in inches.
  • Radar or ground drive speed sensor.
  • Non volatile memory for acre counters.
  • Simplified wiring harness features 3 wires at the hitch.
  • Direct readout of ground speed.
  • Direct readout of up to 3 shafts RPM.
  • Bar graph readout of up to 3 hopper levels.
  • Alarms for low population.
  • Optical Blockage Sensing for all rows.