Combine Monitors

Loup 8000i Yield Monitor

8000i Yield Monitor

The Loup 8000i Yield Monitor is a Simple, Straight Forward universal system for any make or model combine, regardless of the age. Optical yield sensors collect yield information while our FG moisture sensor gathers the crop moisture readings. GPS receiver and data card are available to log and create field maps with a variety of different mapping software.

  • Yield (Bushels per Acre)
  • Grain Moisture Content (% Moisture)
  • Ground Speed (MPH)
  • Field and Total Bushels
  • Wet or Dry Bushels
  • Area (Field and Total Acres)
  • Bushels per Hour
  • Instantaneous or Average Readings
  • Header Up/Down Indication
  • Time of Day
  • Visual Indication and Adjustment for Cut/Header Width

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